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Selectahead is hands down the best way to display you favorite bands heads ...

 -Michael Berg President Humes and Berg


“This is one of the ultimate souvenirs that you could own by your favorite band. It looks so bad ass hangin’ in my studio, like a kick drum’s literally busting out of the wall!! My friends all trip out when they come over & rant over it. Sticks, picks & photos are cool.. but get yourself a Select A Head, truly a unique display & support of your fav band!!”

– Ray Luzier, KoRn, KXM


If you've read my book, you may recall my statement regarding hanging career memorabilia in my home/office/studio - I don't do it. No awards, plaques, or photos of me with famous people. When I got the Metal Cowboy display from Select A Head, I made an exception to that rule - it is now the centerpiece in my home studio.


– Ron Keel, Ron Keel Band


“My “Select A head” looks amazing, and has been a great conversation piece with all the film and music clients that come to my studio”!!!”

– Scott Rockenfield, Queensryche Band

“The Select a Head I have which was done with some of my logos is a truly cool collectible. I’m always asked by fellow rock fans where they can get such a great item for their favorite artists. Really very unique and striking way to fly the flag and represent the bands you love.”

– Eddie Trunk, That Metal Show






“Steve Kenkman and Select-a-Head are awesome! I had the pleasure of working with Steve in designing a head for one of my clients, a rock-n-roll attorney. They came up with a fantastic flame design circling my client’s logo. It turned out so amazing! And working with Steve was so easy and so fun. And this is like a real drum head, not some cheesy, fake looking thing! My client now has it proudly displayed on his office wall. Love it!”


– Danielle Keister, The Relief Administrative



“I LOVE my Select a Head custom design drum head! It’s a unique way to show off my logo design. Their quality of work is of high standard, the colors are vivid and the mounting they use for the head, impressive! My experience with customer service has been exceptional, too! Select a Head LLC responds very quickly to my orders and goes above and beyond to help! Select a Head LLC ROCKS !!”

– Pamela Moore

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