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The birth of Select A Head

I first came up with the idea when I bought an ESP Eclipse from Parker Lundgren of Queensryche. He posted on Facebook that he was looking to sell the guitar, so we touched base, and seeing I live close to him, he came over to show me the guitar. I explained to him I don’t even play guitar, but I thought it was such neat piece of Queensryche history, I just thought it would be cool to display on the wall.

 After Parker left, I was sitting and thought how cool it would be to have the new tribal logo mounted next to the guitar. The only thing was I did not simply want to take a nail and hang the drum cover on the wall. I wanted it to look like I had a drum coming out of my wall. If I was going to have something that I thought was really cool, I did not want to do it “injustice” by simply using a nail, I wanted it to make a statement. I wanted it to look like “Scotty Rock” cut the front of his very own drum set to give to me to hang on the wall. How cool would that be!

Scott Rockenfield and his brother ran a company called Rockenwraps, so I figured he might be able to help me with this new display. I checked out a few pictures of drums from the live concerts, and drew out my idea on paper. Just like the bass drums from the live shows, this thing was going to have all the hardware and material of actual drum used in the shows.

I contacted Scott and placed my order in for the drum head. We chatted back and forth and he was stumped on how we make the display just like I wanted. He sent me an email and said he could sell me one of his drums and I could try and cut it up. So I did just that! Using my table saw and help from my brother, we taped up the drum and the saw to try and keep it from scratching. We took a gorgeous 22 x 18 bass drum and started cutting it up. The result, the first ‘Select a Head’ drum display prototype! Once assembled I thought to myself, fans would love these things. I called my patent attorney and explained to him what I was thinking and he drew up the paperwork. I showed the finished product to Scott and said “want to be my partner? My Idea, your contacts and name recognition”… the rest is history!

Steve Kenkman CEO / Owner

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